Everyday Mindfulness Habits to Live By

September 28, 2017Mindfulness Standard

The glorification of busy has distorted the way some people view stress. For some, being stressed is like a badge of honor that suggest busyness and the ability to juggle a myriad of things in life. Not surprisingly, the constant stress eventually takes its toll and leads to burnout. If you are like everyone else, there must be like a thousand things vying for your attention every day. Practicing mindfulness on the go helps you keep your balance regardless of how hectic things get. Here are just a few of the positive habits you can build to stay mindful and centered no matter how stressful daily life gets.

Moments of gratitude. Take at least a minute each day to appreciate the things you have. Those few seconds you spend reflecting on what you have will change the way you view things. It helps you notice the things that you may often overlook or take for granted. And the more you spend time being grateful, the more your outlook in life will improve.

Meditative walking. Walking can be a meditative act. And it is a great way to practice mindfulness. Instead of thinking about where you are going, use the time to listen to your senses. Feel the sensation of the breeze brushing against your skin, notice the feeling as your feet touch the road or the ground you are walking on, listen to the sounds around you. And every time your thoughts begin to stray, pull your mind back to the present and simply experience every moment.

Mindful eating. Meal times are great for slowing down. And if you have a habit of eating fast or rushing through your meal, now is a good time to start practicing eating mindfully. Make the most of the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating. Smell the aromas and take a moment to appreciate the flavors and textures of the food you eat. Savor every bite and chew as slowly as you can. You might be surprised just how pleasant every meal can be when you take the time to fully appreciate it.