How to Practice Mindfulness Everyday

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Busy is the new normal in today’s world. Many are preoccupied with so many things that daily life that busyness becomes a cycle. Even children are not immune to this with many swamped with school and after-school activities not to mention the time spent in the virtual world leaving little to spare for real-life interactions. This hectic pace with hardly any break to immerse and experience every moment is taking its toll on many people’s wellbeing. Mindfulness practice is a great way to purposely slow down and become fully present in every moment. Here are some of the simple ways to become more mindful every day.

Moments of gratitude

Take a moment to pause and focus or think of something you are thankful about. It could be anything as simple as a smile or an act of kindness from a stranger, finishing a task on time, or the delightful experience of enjoying a good meal. When you begin to appreciate even the littlest things, you will find that there are indeed plenty of things to be grateful for in your daily life.

Taking time to relax and just breathe

When was the last time you paid attention to how you breathe? If you have not been giving it much thought, now would be a good time as any to make breathing exercises a part of your daily routine. Practice slow breathing while focusing on every step. When your mind starts to wander, make a conscious effort to put your focus back on the breathing process itself. Use the time to empty your mind of other thoughts and just immerse on all the sensations as you breathe in and out slowly.

Observe while suspending judgment

Take a moment to observe everything around you without judging or thinking of anything that might stop you from noticing more of the things that you might see. Stop for a few minutes to just watch things. This gives you a chance to witness and see things that you would otherwise miss if you keep hurrying through life.

Pay more attention to what is going on

Paying more attention to what is going on, either internally or externally, helps you to become more aware about the things that you could easily miss noticing. Whether it is in your personal or work life, awareness can add more quality to the results of the things you do.