Reloading Presses: What You Need to Know

November 30, 2017Uncategorized Standard

Thank God for reloading presses! These tools allow shooters to customize their bullets, recycle brass, and save time.

But before learning how to use one, you should first be aware of the three types of a reloading press.

Single Stage Press


This type of reloading presses is the most straightforward kind ever. This tool, which has an extremely hard frame, grasps one die at a time. It’s used typically for rifle reloading. In this press, the dies should be inserted into an opening which is located at the top portion of the press. A shell holder is also attached to the ram and is in charge of holding the cartridge case rim. When you push down the lever, the ram will go up, and the die will do its job on the case. Generally, you should prime using a hand priming setup, but a few single stage presses today come with the needed priming attachments. When it comes to speed, this type is the slowest one as it produces the lowest number of completed rounds in an hour compared to the other types.

Turret Press


This type of reloading press is like the previous type—one die will act on a cartridge at a time. The difference is that a turret press can hold multiple dies at the same time, allowing the user to index from one die to another faster. Other turret presses, however, can auto-index, eliminating the need for manual indexing. They also demand many strokes of the lever, but they speed up the indexing process. Turret presses are recommended for novices and for pistol and rifle reloading. They’re also an ideal precision rig for reloaders who have more experience.

Progressive Press


Lastly, progressive reloading presses generate a complete round for every turn of the lever, unlike in the other two types when you have to stroke the lever various times. The shell plate of a progressive reloading press can hold many cases at the same time. When you push down the lever to raise the ram, multiple processes will happen simultaneously. Once the ram is cycled, its shell plate will index. Each shell will then be prepared for the following operation, and the final round is transferred into a completed round chute. There are progressive reloading presses that need manual indexing, while there are some that feature auto-indexing.

These presses are ideal for semi-automatic rifle shooters and pistol shooters.


After figuring out what reloading press is best for your needs and budget, you’re now ready to get to know the model you chose. Good luck!